Linda’s Studio

Linda S Grom in her studio
Linda’s Studio with works in progress

Linda’s studio is in her home in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. You see her here laying out a new painting, while one waits on the easel and another hangs on the wall close by. Linda’s work is very methodical. Sometimes, she determines the general design of a new painting by researching historical quilt patterns. Then she begins by preparing a stretched canvas, applying a base coat of acrylic paint in the predominant color of the painting. Most often Linda does not work from sketches, but rather begins the layout of geometric elements directly on the canvas. She uses the basic tools of the craft, pencil, straight edge, and compass, just as generations of quilt designers have done.

After she has completed a pencil version of the composition on canvas, she makes notes on the canvas about the color of each area and then begins to select paints for the palette. The method she follows is similar to her method for creating interior design presentations. One difference is that a great deal of the planning for her quilt block designs takes place in her mind’s eye rather than on paper. And, while the techniques she uses are akin to those she practiced in years of creating architectural drawings, her selection of color is now free and unconstrained.

Linda’s paintings are a celebration of color and familiar patterns brought to life in fresh and vibrant harmonies.

You can see her complete gallery of paintings by visiting Spy Rock Graphics Gallery.

And, now, she has an online shop where you can buy prints, home decor items, and personal accessories graced by her unique designs. Visit her shop here. > Spy Rock Graphics Shop